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Metropolitan Cart Witnessing

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Yes there are costs associated with server hosting and sending SMS text messages. Thus we do accept donations. However, donations are not required.

If you can afford a modest monthly donation to help offset costs for this service, it will be most appreciated. If you are lacking in funds, please feel free to use this service at no cost.

The recommended donation is $5.00 per month, but whatever you can afford. Recurring donations accepted through PayPal. You can help out with more if you desire to make up for those unable to afford anything. Or you can help out with less.

SMS text messaging is by default only available to USA and Canada. Other countries cost 4 to 10 times as much. If you are in another country and would still like SMS support please contact us and we can arrange something.

Good News Cart Scheduler is to metropolitan public witnessing as Territory Helper is to assigning and keeping track of territories. In fact they compliment each other and make the life of the territory assistant much easier.


  • Easy to navigate interface.
  • Very strong emphasis on security. All personal data for publishers is encrypted.
  • Only require Name, E-mail, Baptism Date, and Cell Phone for publishers to use the service.
  • Supports multiple venues with multiple locations and multiple people at each location.
  • Set up schedule for up to three months in advance using a simple templating system.
  • Supports publisher approval process.
  • Messaging by SMS text messages and E-mail for shift reminders.
  • Notifies servant when publisher cancels.
  • 100% Web Based. No download required. Unlike other JW Schedulers.
  • Compliments territory helper.
  • Makes job easier for territory assistant.

About Me

My name is Joel Bowers. I am a third generation witness in good standing my whole life. Side Note: My father was a circuit overseer. I have served at Bethel and pioneered, although my health prevents me from continuing.

Currently I serve in the Four Peaks congregation in Apache Junction AZ along with my wife and adult children. I have been a web developer (not designer) for over 20 years and baptized for over 40.

There will be no open forums, message boards, or social media offered with this service. I believe they are more of a danger than a help.

I am always happy to chat. Feel free to contact me through the contact form.

I hope you find this tool beneficial in spreading the Good News through effective organized metropolitan witnessing.

If you have any good experiences or tips on overcoming objections and dealing with issues, I would like to hear them.

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